The street side
Sketch of the side facing the road

Hayesville, North Carolina

What was needed:
A retirement home that would fit their steep site, meet their needs, and stay in budget.

Our first step:
Measurements showed that the plans they liked would not fit on this slope. They were also too big for their budget. A better plan was needed that included what they liked from the plans, but fitting it into this property and their budget.

Using my site measurements, I planned a home to fit this slope. This required a longer, narrower plan, which would allow more rooms to face the beautiful view. To include the two car garage they wanted, the side wall was made of concrete, allowing us to push the garage into the ground on the road side. This gave us a few more feet on this steep slope.

But my claculations showed we needed to take another step to fit the house on the site and bring it into budget. We needed to move the guest bedrooms into the basement. Most clients have a negative reaction to this idea until I explain that on this steep slope, the bedrooms will have large windows facing the view with plenty of light. And we can design the basement walls to keep them warm and dry.

I also planned for car headlights coming up the road. They will hit the side of this house. That is why the gable wall with the chimney has no windows. The bedrooms are all at the other end of the house, away from the road.

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